As the story goes
   Port 8080 sits in orbit around an artificially created planet in "Neo-Terra" or Nuterra.  Nuterra orbits Alpha Centauri A-- often called the Sun's own sister due to how similar the two stars are to one an other.
    The port itself was designated "ISP-8080" which stands for Interstellar Space Port number 8,080, but most people just called it "8080".  The spaceport was the primary link to Nuterra while the planet was under development.  It coordinated and monitored communications to the atmospheric processors on the planets surface, along with being a shipping post for supplies to be delivered to the planet's surface and living quarters for workers, scientists and future colonists.
    Considered a milestone in human achievement, the completion of turning creating and Nuterra into a habitable Earth-like planet symbolized a point when people no longer would be limited to only one place in the entire galaxy.
    Now, Port 8080 is still very active.  It is the center of shipping and transportation to and from the planet along with serving as the primary communication relay station.  Anyone going to Nuterra will dock with Port 8080 first, before being transported to the planet's surface.  Many scientists go about their day observing the universe in an ongoing effort in such things as using triangulation with Earth-based observation to better judge distances to other objects in space.  Works keep themselves busy with things such as transferring cargo from incoming "trucks" to transport ships traveling to and from the surface and making sure the stations many communication satellite dishes are in prime operating condition.

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